Anna Gamazo Sec School

Named after its benefactor Ms Anna Gamazo of Madrid, Spain. Anna Gamazo Secondary school is located about 52km from Karatu, in Eyasi division, Mang'ola Chini ward down within the L. Eyasi arm of the Great East African Great rift valley. It was started in the year 2002, masterminded by two Spaniard missionaries Fr. Pepe (CSSp) and Fr. Miguel with the financial support of the Anna Gamazo Humanitaria Fundacion (AGH) and various other benefactors from Spain.

It was the first secondary school to be built in the valley since this beautiful country of ours got independence. The school was put under the supervision of Evangelizing Sisters of Mary since its inception to the end of 2007 when the congregation decided to terminate it working contract. It is now being managed by the Sisters of St. Ann - Luzern (India).

As it was the first and the only secondary school in the area, it accommodated both girls and boys at it beginning contrary to the aims of the founders who thought of it being a girls-only school. After the govt drive to build secondary school (SEDEP), the area now boasts 5 secondary schools and therefore the school has decided to go back to its roots and no more boys are being admitted.


Anna Gamazo school is one of the best schools in Karatu district; academically, discipline-wise, staffing and well-equipped than most if not all. We have been leading in all exams since its inception and has been among the 10 best schools in Arusha district and North-Western Zone of which the school is located.

The school is the property of the Bishop of Mbulu and receives almost 1/3 of its budget form the AGH and other benefactors. Despite great services rendered, it is not-for-profit and has one the lowest school fees in the whole country for the school in its category.

The school strives for the improvement of science where all students are to take at least one science subject. ICT also has been given it due weight and is compulsory for all students from Orientation course to Form II where those wishing can choose to continue as their subject of choice.